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1623160212705Owen Paterson
22-1818116Category:Inventors that committit suicide
12-22173Category:Veelages in Perth an Kinross
622161161161Category:Senegalese fitbawers
813612177Category:Fowk frae Perth, Scotland
413-7676201Category:Perth, Scotland
21333353.5 kPerth an Kinross
31266235Category:Brigs in Perth, Scotland
512-22186Category:Category A leetit biggins in Perth an Kinross
512-222.9 kErrol, Perth an Kinross
912-22302Struan, Perthshire
1611494949Category:Touns in Pairth an Kinross
1511525252Category:Veelages in Pairth an Kinross
11001.1 kPerth Brig
1611303030Pairth an Kinross
1411606060Category:Populatit places in Pairth an Kinross
312-33196Category:Fowk frae Perth an Kinross
1111505050Category:Fowk frae Pairth an Kinross
212-22117Category:Populatit places in Perth an Kinross
212-22139Category:Geografie o Perth an Kinross
911404040Category:Pairth an Kinross
811525252Category:Geografie o Pairth an Kinross
711494949Category:Fowk frae Pairth
321113413420 kLionel Messi
811323232Struan, Pairthshire
611555555Category:Inventors who committit suicide
511484848Category:Brigs in Pairth, Scotland
311696969Category:Category A leetit biggins in Pairth an Kinross
311686868Category:Fowk eddicatit bi schuil in Pairth an Kinross
61112123.3 kPerth, Scotland
311585858Category:Leetit biggins in Pairth an Kinross
411373737Errol, Pairth an Kinross
51113131.4 kEisenstadt
411991.7 kDoug Winton
311242424Pairth Brig
311991.8 kFrancis Buchanan White
61100123Category:Daiths bi fireairm
51100178Category:Touns in Perth an Kinross
10112492492.9 kGeorge Pataki
411-111.7 kAuchterairder
411-11445Carolina Nairne
411-111.3 kMuthill
311-221.2 kScuin
311-111.3 kCrieff
311002.5 kClaudius
311-11111Category:Fowk eddicatit at Glenalmond College
311001.6 kThoth
311-111.5 kBlairgowrie an Rattray
311-111.1 kInchture
311-111.2 kBlair Atholl
21100290Category:Leetit biggins in Perth an Kinross
211001.9 kPerthshire
2110073Category:Perth an Kinross
21100132Category:Fowk eddicatit bi schuil in Perth an Kinross
8111811816.9 kZinedine Zidane
611-175175645Kia Enterprise
611148148148Category:Senegalese sportsfowk
611139139139Category:Senegalese fowk bi thrift
511149149149Category:Senegalese fowk
51123234.3 kLouis Philippe, Duke o Orléans
6100The Selkirk Grace
31117174.1 kLil Wayne
5700Scots leid
5200Cristiano Ronaldo
11757575Category:Uiser wa
411-65651.7 kArmand Emmanuel de Vignerot du Plessis, Duke o Richelieu
11-1137Errol, Scotland
11-1124Smeaton's Brig
110030Perth and Kinross
11-1137Errol, Perth, an Kinross
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